5800 Commerce Blvd,
Rohnert Park, CA 94928
707-206-9000 2120 Bluebell Dr.
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

We treat your pets like Family

All Day Play

Our Day Care programs have activities for every pet. For dogs who love to swim, there's splash time at the pool in our Rohnert Park resort. For cats and small dogs, our Santa Rosa boarding facility has more toys than a kindergarten classroom. We cater to fun - for animals of all shapes and sizes.

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A Paradise for Pets

Dogged devotion aptly and playfully describes the care and dedication of our staff to our mission: Providing a clean, comfortable home away from home for your best friend. We strive to create a happy, healthy environment for your pets and give them lots of love and attention when you're away.

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Cats, Birds, Hammies, & More

Booked a room for vacation but the hotel has a strict no-pet-hamsters-allowed-policy? Tell your Hammie not to worry. We welcome all kinds of animals! Reserve a space at Paradise Pet Resorts for your best pal! Our facilities have separate areas for cats, birds, iguanas, rabbits, guinea pigs, and yes, hamsters!

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Dog Training

Our dog training services include adult dog refresher courses as well as private lessons for any age. Diggers, barkers, jumpers--whatever the behavior you want to work on with your pet, our dog trainers are skilled in the latest techniques to ensure your dog (or puppy) becomes a socialized, loving, well-behaved member of the family.

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The Best Place for Dog Boarding and More!

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