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Smart Tips for Safe Travels with Your Pet

Whether you plan to travel by plane, train or automobile, you will need to appropriately accommodate for your cat, dog or small animal to ensure your trip goes to plan. Your pet depends on you to ensure that all the accommodations you make allow for their complete comfort and safety. You can make the most of your travels by following the tips below to plan your trip and head out without any worries.

Assess Your Pet’s Health and Temperament

To ensure your pet can withstand the stress of traveling across long distances, you can schedule a visit to the vet to receive a clean bill of health. For many major airlines, you can also use the health certificate to secure your pet a place in the cabin of the aircraft instead of in the cargo area. You should also aim to minimize stress by taking a serious look at your pet’s temperament for signs of overt nervousness or aggression. Your vet can help you determine if your pet will tolerate the trip well or if you should board your animal at a pet resort while you are away.

Always Use an Approved Carrier

No matter what transportation option you choose, you should always transport your pet using an approved carrier. Give your pet time to become familiar with the carrier you select well before the date of your planned trip. Use positive reinforcement techniques to help your pet accept the space as a safe den. Verify that the carrier you select abides by the train or airline’s regulations to avoid any surprises at the loading gate. Make sure that the carrier will fit within the area you have available for your pet’s use during your travels.

Provide Identifying Information for Your Pet

Your pet needs to have identifying information firmly attached to a collar and the carrier to avoid getting lost while out of your sight. The information tags should include a name, address and telephone number for you, your vet and an emergency contact. Attach copies of your pet’s vaccination records and health certificate to the carrier in case questions arise during your trip. Take a picture of your pet using your cellphone or tuck a hardcopy in your bag to use for identification if you get separated.

Familiarize Yourself with Service Animal Regulations

The rules and regulations for service dogs and emotional support animals varies across all airlines and train companies. Although they fulfill similar roles, an emotional support animal may not qualify for the special permissions given to service animals due to the absence of hours of guided training and official certification. If your animal does qualify as an official service animal, make sure your accommodations accurately reflect the standards established by your transportation provider.

If you utilize these tips and tricks to prepare for travels with your pet, you will likely breeze through the process without any problems. If you would prefer to rest assured that your animal is safe and well-cared for in your absence, call our team at Paradise Pet Resorts or submit our website form below to make a pet boarding reservation.

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