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Dog Training

Dog Training in Santa Rosa and Rohnert ParkIf your Adult Dog needs some additional time at school, we have two distinct and successful programs to offer:

Adult Dog Refresher

This dog training course teaches your dog how to sit, stay, stand, wait, leave it, fetch, and basic manners for real-life situations.*

*Requires one year with previous training
Cost: $150.00 for four-week beginner or refresher course

Private Dog Training Lessons

Dog trainingYou can arrange private lessons at Paradise Pet Resorts for a dog at any age and they are one-on-one classes with a dog trainer. Teach your dog how to sit, stay, stand, wait, leave it, and fetch as well as potty training and basic manners for real-life situations. Also covered are way to affect behavioral changes in your dog, such as preventing him or her from digging, barking, jumping, and pulling on a leash. The curriculum for private lessons will be based on the needs of the pet and desires of the owner. Private lessons are suggested for pets who have extreme difficulty learning in a group environment.

Cost: $75.00 for one private lesson; $250.00 for four private lessons

If you are thinking, how can anyone teach my old dog new tricks, you’ll be surprised to learn it is easier than you think. Read our blog for tips and advice for training an older dog.

Please visit our Puppy Training page for details on our course offerings for your babies!

Contact us to schedule an appointment for dog training or puppy training.