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Debunking Myths About Dog Food

By Paradise Pet Resorts on

As a pet owner, you will probably seek out a lot of information on the Internet about caring for and feeding your dog. While there are some great resources online, there’s also plenty of misinformation lurking around, proposing unsupported theories and false claims about what’s best to feed your canine companion and what you should avoid.

Did you know that dogs do not actually like or need “variety” in their food? As long as your canine gets all the nutrients that he needs to be healthy, there’s no reason to vary his food. Scientific studies show that dogs simply do not have the same type of taste buds that we humans have, and they do not crave “something else” occasionally like we do.

Have you ever heard about hypoallergenic dog food brands? Turns out there are actually no 100% hypoallergenic food, and simply cannot be. Studies have observed that allergies in dogs differ based on individual canine: some dogs may be allergic to beef, while other dogs may be allergic to a certain vegetable in the dog food formula.

Top Dog Tips has put together a massive infographic of 32 of these dog food myths, some of which may surprise and fascinate you, disputing them with some credible resources and scientific evidence. Take a look:

Dog Food Myth Infographic