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What Should You Do When Your Pet Dies?

A pet is more than a friend. They are devoted companions who become part of your family. Just as it is with the death of anyone close to you, losing a beloved pet can be a heart wrenching and difficult experience.

Why does losing a pet hurt so much?

Pets become a central part of your life. Playing fetch with your dog or snuggling up with your cat on the couch is as much part of your daily routine as eating meals or showering. It can feel traumatic and leave a profound emptiness in your heart once they are no longer there.

The death of a pet can hurt as much as losing a spouse, parent, child, or sibling. Animals show unconditional love. Their companionship can offer emotional support on bad days. Some pet parents will do everything from celebrate their pets’ birthdays to carry pictures of their furry companions in their wallets.

Forming such a strong bond makes it feel painful when they’re no longer there. It’s perfectly natural and normal to mourn the loss of a beloved pet.
Old Dog

Going through the grieving process with a pet

People who have never had a pet may not understand the bond shared between a pet parent and their pets. They may suggest it is only a cat or dog and to just go buy a new one. Remember that it is normal and healthy to grieve the lost of a beloved pet.

Pet parents go through the five stages of grief:

  1. denial
  2. anger
  3. bargaining
  4. depression
  5. acceptance

Grieving is different for everyone and has no set time limit or boundary. Talking about your pet and sharing stories is one way to help you cope while going through the stages of grief and eventually heal. Encourage children, teens and seniors alike to record their memories in a journal or through a poem or story or song. Let them know it’s okay to remember and work through the grief.

End of life care

When your pet nears the end of their life, it is important to make them feel comfortable. This can include things like surrounding them with a warm blanket or giving them a special toy.

Hospice care for pets is one option. Your veterinarian will offer guidance on how to care for an individual pet — that is tailored to their needs — as they near the end.

Euthanasia is sometimes necessary when a pet’s pain becomes too great. It minimizes suffering and allows them to die in peace if they are beyond the point of recovery.

What do you do if a pet dies at home

If your pet dies at home, you may want to bury them or cremate them and hold a funeral. This means you may have to hang onto the body for a few hours until arrangements can be made.

In these situations, it is important to keep the body cool for as long as possible. Store it in a cool place that will draw heat away from the body and preserve it for a short time, until you’re ready to bury or cremate.

Getting a new pet

Take time before looking for a new pet to replace the one you lost. Wait until you have had sufficient time to grieve. Pay attention to your feelings and only adopt a new pet once you’re emotionally ready.

Pet adoption resources

Once you decide to bring a new pet into your home, we can help. We are always on the lookout for loving homes for pets. Sometimes they are pets in our care at Paradise Pet Resorts, and sometimes we work with local pet adoption agencies like the Sonoma Humane Society.

Adopting a Dog? Read Our Checklist

Adopting a dog is a great way to add a new member to your family, but it’s also a lifetime commitment. Before you take the plunge and pay that adoption fee, go over the checklist below to make sure you’re ready.

Dog Adoption Checklist

  1. Know what to expect.The first few days with your new dog may be challenging. Your dog may feel scared and confused until he gets comfortable in his new environment. Don’t expect everything to be perfect immediately. It will take some time for your new pet to fall into a routine and build a relationship with each member of your family. Be patient with your pet and help him ease into his new life.
  2. Prepare your home.Before you bring your new dog home, you need to make sure your home is ready for his arrival. Dog proof the area where he will spend the majority of his time by removing anything that could be hazardous to his health. You should also remove any fragile items from this area that your dog might decide to chew. Use baby gates to block your pet out of areas he shouldn’t be and make sure that all of your family members know how to operate the gates.
  3. Purchase supplies.Make sure you have everything you need for your dog before you bring him home. Some of the items you may need include a collar, a leash, food and water dishes, a crate, toys and treats. You will also need to purchase dog food. To ease your dog’s transition into his new environment, ask the adoption center what type of food the dog is currently eating so that you can keep his feeding routine the same for the first few days or weeks.
  4. Be prepared to train.Your dog’s training should begin as soon as he comes into the house. Decide what methods you will use to train the dog before the adoption, and make sure that all of your family members are familiar with your training plan. To improve the effectiveness of your training program, develop a schedule for your dog and stick to it from the beginning. Keep in mind that it may take some time for your dog to understand what is expected of him, so be patient.
  5. Find a veterinarian.Find a qualified veterinarian before you bring your new family member home. Even if he had a checkup and shots before you adopted him, it is still a good idea to have a veterinarian in mind in case your dog shows any signs of illness.

Old BeagleAdopting a pet can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences, but it is important to be prepared. By following this list, you can be sure that you are ready to bring your new friend home.

Thinking about adopting an older animal?  Consider these reasons to adopt an older pet.

October is ASPCA’s National Adopt A Shelter Dog and American Humane Association’s Adopt a Dog month and we support the work of these two organizations that have joined forces on a national campaign to bring awareness to the many pets in shelters or left homeless or abandoned all over the country. We partner with many local pet adoption agencies and shelters to find homes for Sonoma County’s dogs and cats.

Please contact Paradise Pet Resorts with any questions you may have about adopting, caring for and training your pet.

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How Pets Make Our Lives Better

Thousands of pets are euthanized every year because shelters simply do not have the capacity to look after them. Despite the many shelters nationwide, they struggle to re-home animals.

But there is something we can do about it. Adopting an animal will not only give a pet a new lease on life, but also change the lives of those who decide to save one.

Six Ways A Pet Can Change Your Life Forever

  1. Pets Save You Right Back.
    Man and DogMaybe not in the Lassie kind of way, but in the emotional kind. As someone who struggles with anxiety, I can tell you first hand that my cat Sphinx is my personal therapist. While I strongly suggest going to a real doctor for help, animals seem to almost have healing powers when it comes to making you feel a little bit human again.The internet is full of viral videos and stories of pets who support their owners through Asperger’s attacks, breakdowns and depression. Sometimes just having someone there who can’t talk to you through words but who will be there for you can be very healing.
  2. Pets Provide Unconditional Love.
    Golden RetrieverLove comes in different forms and the love you receive from your pet is unconditional. They do not care if you are having a bad hair day or showing signs of aging. They might not be there for the rest of your life, but they will forever leave a mark on your heart.
  3. Pets Are Furry, Hairy, Feathery Teachers.
    Pets teach us many lessons, including responsibility and compassion. They can also show us how to live in the moment, how to overcome anger, how to play, how to be loyal, and how to love openly and fully. Ultimately, these lessons help us to be better people.
  4. Pets Help Us Meet New People.
    Child and PuppyWalking your dog, or taking them to a park is a great way to strike up conversations with other people. I walk shelter dogs sometimes and when I take them to the dog park, I often end up chatting with the other dog owners. Plus, I get to play with their dogs too, which is always a bonus! Even ‘stay at home’ pets can help your social life. Having a pet is a great ice-breaker and who doesn’t love looking at animal photos!
  5. Pets Encourage Us To Go Boldly Into Adventure.
    Woman Running With A DogPets are magnets for adventures, big and small. Imagine all the fun things you can do with your new furry friend from the shelter. Camping, hiking, dog beaches, or simply going to your local café can be exciting.
  6. Pets Help Us Get a Beach Body Without a Gym.
    Pets keep you active. Whether it’s a morning or an afternoon walk, or simply getting up to feed them, groom them or clean their habitat, having a pet can improve your health. Even Goldie the goldfish can encourage you to get off the couch to feed him!

While we can’t save all the animals, I’d really encourage you to save one. That one animal is going to experience all the love you can give, and it will give it back a hundred times. You can change their life and they can change yours as well.

Of course before you adopt your new friend, you must be in this for the remainder of their life. Pets are not just there for when they are young and cute, or when they are healthy and easy to deal with. They are family, and you stick by your family no matter what.

This is a guest blog by Eliska Jeffrey. Eliska is an Open Colleges Vet Nursing student. A passionate campaigner for animals, when not studying, Eliska is found volunteering at the Sydney Australia Cat and Dogs Home, rehoming local stray cats, or hanging at home with her own feline friend Sphinx.

Read another perspective on how pets can improve your life from the Huffington Post.

Adopting a Pet in Sonoma County?

Paradise Pet Resorts is always on the lookout for loving homes for pets. Sometimes they are pets in our care, and sometimes we work with local pet adoption agencies like the Sonoma Humane Society. Talk to us about what pet would be best for you, and we can help you find the right one. Find Paradise Pet Resorts contact information here.

October: Adopt a Dog Month

Adopt a DogAt Paradise Pet Resorts we partner with many local pet adoption agencies and shelters to find homes for Sonoma County’s dogs and cats in need of a new family to love. As the fall approaches we’re happy to support the work of the ASPCA and the AHA (American Humane Association), two organizations that have joined forces on a national campaign to bring awareness to the many pets in shelters or left homeless or abandoned all over the country.

The ASPCA and AHA have set aside the month of October as National Adopt-A-Dog Month and this year’s theme in particular resonates with our staff as well as dog lovers everywhere: “What Can An Adopted Dog Bring To Your Life?” As the AHA puts it: “There are as many responses to that question as there are dogs in this world!” We second that, but also want to do our part so there are less shelter dogs in this world! If you want to find out first-hand what great things a shelter or rescue dog can bring to your life, we hope you’ll take advantage of our great local animal agencies in Sonoma County and mark your calendar for these upcoming adoption events as we dive head first into Adopt-A-Dog Month:

  • Sonoma Humane Society (Mobile Adoption Event Sept 21st at the Sonoma County Fall Home Show from 11 am to 4 pm at the Fairgrounds)
  • Rohnert Park Pet Shelter (Mutt Strut September 27th with a one mile dog walk and an all-day adoption event)
  • Noah’s B’Ark North (Adoption events nearly every weekend from 12 noon to 4 pm at the Rohnert Park Petsmart)
  • Pet Finder (Adoption Tuesdays to help find homes for shelter and rescue dogs)

Please also visit our Facebook page, where we regularly post about wonderful and loving local dogs looking for a home! If you have any questions about a dog you spot on our Facebook page, or about doggie adoption in general, please feel free to contact us.

Adopt a DogOur local shelters are good places to find dogs of every age, size, type, and personality, but if you prefer a particular breed that you can’t find at a shelter, we will gladly recommend online sites where you can find breed-specific rescue groups looking for people just like you.

The National Humane Society estimates that annually 2.7 million healthy shelter dogs and cats do not get adopted – let’s take a bite out of that number this October in Sonoma County – please consider adopting a shelter dog!

Adopt an Older Pet

Make Two Someone’s Happy – You & Your Pet!

Old Dog
Paradise Pet Resorts assists many local pet adoption and humane agencies to find homes for older dogs and cats, including the Sonoma Humane Society and animal welfare organizations such as PetFinder and Noah’s Bark. We also provide information on pet adoptions through our Adopt-a-Pet page and provide additional details on pets who need a home on our Facebook site.

In our work to find homes for older pets, we hear dog and cat lovers sometimes tell us that they would like to adopt an older pet but they worry that becoming attached for a shorter time might be be too sad and painful. Others say the idea of adopting an older dog, for example, leaves them feeling uneasy, particularly if they have families with small children.

What we tell potential adopters is that many older pets become available for adoption through no fault of the dog or cat. Often, it is because animal owners find they are unable to care for their pet, perhaps due to a divorce, economic hardship, or, as a result of the recent recession, a home foreclosure that left a family with no other means to house their pet. Another scenario is animal owners who are aging right along with their pets and find when they move into a nursing facility, it doesn’t allow pets.
Old Cat

Look Past Age

These longtime pets have so much love to offer and when you balance the age of the pet against the many upsides to adopting an older animal, you soon discover there’s more upside to becoming that dog or cat’s new guardian.  e’ve included the ASPCA’s top 10 reasons to adopt an older dog here in hopes you’ll consider opening your home to a new, if older, pet! We think you can replace ‘dog’ with ‘cat’ or any other pet category in the title and the reasons still apply! W

Ten Reasons to Adopt an Older Dog
(or Cat, or Rabbit, or Hamster, or…)

1. What You See Is What You Get

Older dogs are open books—from the start, you’ll know important things like their full-grown size, personality, and grooming requirements. All this information makes it easier to pick the right dog and forge that instant love connection that will last a lifetime. If you’re not so into surprises, an older dog is for you!

2. Easy to Train

Think you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Hogwash! Older dogs are great at focusing on you—and on the task at hand—because they’re calmer than youngsters. Plus, all those years of experience reading humans can help them quickly figure out how to do what you’re asking.

3. Seniors are Super-Loving

One of the cool parts of our job is reading stories from people just like you who have opted to adopt. The emails we get from pet parents with senior dogs seem to all contain beautiful, heartfelt descriptions of the love these dogs give you—and those of you who adopted dogs already in their golden years told us how devoted and grateful they are. It’s an instant bond that cannot be topped!

4. They’re Not a 24-7 Job

Grownup dogs don’t require the constant monitoring puppies do, leaving you with more freedom to do your own thing. If you have young children, or just value your “me time,” this is definitely a

5. They Settle in Quickly

Older dogs have been around the block and already learned what it takes to get along with others and become part of a pack. They’ll be part of the family in no time!

6. Fewer Messes

Your floors, shoes and furniture will thank you for adopting a senior pooch! Older dogs are likely to already be house-trained—and even if they’re not, they have the physical and mental abilities to pick it up really fast (unlike puppies). With their teething years far behind them, seniors also are much less likely to be destructive chewers.

7. You Won’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

There are those who yearn for a doggie friend of their own, but hold back because they worry what might happen in their lives in the years to come. And they are wise to do so—a puppy or young dog can be anywhere from an 8- to 20-year responsibility, which is not appropriate for the very elderly or those with certain long-term future plans. Providing a loving home for a dog in her golden years is not a less serious commitment, but it can be a shorter one.

Adult Dog Adoption8. They Enjoy Easy Livin’

Couch potato, know thyself! Please consider a canine retiree rather than a high-energy young dog who will run you ragged. Not that older dogs don’t require any exercise—they do—but they’re not going to need, or want, to run a marathon every day.

9. Save a Life, Be a Hero

At shelters, older dogs are often the last to be adopted and the first to be euthanized. Saving an animal’s life offers an unparalleled emotional return on your investment, and you’ll feel the rewards every day you spend together.

10. They’re CUTE!

Need we say more?

Thank you to the ASPCA for the information in this article.