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Cute Dog

Help Paradise Pet Resorts Find Homes for Pets

We are always on the lookout for loving homes for pets. Sometimes they are pets in our care at Paradise Pet Resorts, and sometimes we work with local pet adoption agencies like the Sonoma Humane Society. We look for potential pet guardians who would like to adopt a pet and need our help to match them with a dog or cat, like this adorable pooch who recently found a great place to live with a local family who showers him with love!

Local Partners

To find out about adoptions we are helping to facilitate, visit us on Facebook, where we post pictures and information regularly about dogs and cats we know who are in need of a home!

Be sure to read our blog about adopting an older pet, which includes the top ten reasons why you should consider adoption of an older dog or cat!

Also find ideas on how pets can make your life better on our blog.

Foster a Pet

Another option to consider is fostering a pet. Fostering a dog is a great way to help out your local animal shelter and pets in need. If you don’t have the time to adopt a pet, or need space to heal after the passing of a favorite pet, fostering can fill that much-needed animal connection. Read our blog about the 3 things to consider before you foster a dog.